KASSAJI face massage

One of the world’s oldest massage techniques, wonderful lymphatic drainage and deep relaxation

Kassaji massage – is a type of lymphatic drainage of the face, performed with a special longitudinal stone (Kassa). The stone is of volcanic origin. It works perfectly on the lymphatic system, provides long-lasting effects.
This massage relaxes the muscles, soothes the nervous system, but above all drains perfectly.
Kassaji is a regenerating and relaxing treatment. An excellent alternative for people with skin, acne and vascular hypersensitivity in whom strong techniques cannot be used.
The ritual lasts 60 minutes, during this time by working on acupressure points restores the harmony of the whole body.


  • Great lymphatic drainage
  • Effective lifting
  • We also work in the head area
  • Improves sinus patency, and thus the quality of breath
  • Improves the face oval
  • Great as a pre-party treatment Stimulates the work of internal organs
  • Deep relaxation