Kobido is a Japanese facial massage that is an excellent alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments.

Kobido is one of the most difficult massage techniques in Japan, if not in the world. It contains the largest number and the most complex combinations of manual techniques, which in the end result in spectacular effects.

Kobido is a collection of techniques:

  • deep tissue massage;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • elements of a relaxing massage that reduce muscle tension;
  • lifting
  • acupressure

Kobido is an hour-long massage session that allows you to get an additional effect of regeneration and regain strength, where by working on acupressure points we restore the harmony of the whole body.

Kobido, by expanding the sequence of movements, will allow you to choose massage techniques individually in terms of changes visible on the tissues.

The first step is to prepare the facial area to be worked on. It is the phase where the cleaning and drainage is done to correctly make the skin for the massage.



In this second phase, natural products are used, such as grape oils or any other type of non-cosmetic product that fulfils the purpose of keeping the face moist. As mentioned above is quite important to facilitate those movements of friction on the face and thus avoid any injury; this phase serves to tone the face and give it luminosity.


It is at this stage that the famous Japanese lifting is performed since it is at this point that the speed of the hand movements is increased. It is important to note that even though the rate is increased, the person (or ourselves) should never feel any discomfort or pain that prevents them from relaxing. If that happens, it means that something is being done wrong, since this massage, in spite of its speed, must still preserve its affection, delicacy and softness.


It is the last phase of the Kobido massage, here we try to press with the fingers some of the different points of pain or points of acupuncture that serve to release the stress and to offer that energy balance that is so well-known by the Eastern culture. In this part of the massage, the masseur tries to focus on some points where patients may suffer some pain or discomfort to alleviate such discomfort.


Healthy skin is the reflection of the equilibrium and balance of our body and mind; Kobido in the eternal search of maintaining and restoring this equilibrium has a positive impact in your health, well-being and emotional intelligence, increasing longevity and preventing the appearance and recurrence of illness.

  • Improves tonicity in your skin.
  • Boots blood circulation and reduce toxins in our body.
  • Stimulate the production of collagen, improving elasticity and accelerating cellular restoration.
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relaxation feeling which eventually helps you to release stress and sleep better.
  • It combats headaches.

Kobido Massage, as a form of facial exercises for your skin should be as important as the food you eat and the practice of regular exercise if you want to keep a healthy and young appearance.